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Water Analysis and Treatment

Novigo / Centráguas Group


Water supply boreholes, foundations and drilling

Centráguas is a Novigo Group Company specialized in the foundations and drilling of water supply boreholes, as well as flow rate measuring and logging.
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Centráguas, Lda

Services provided by Centráguas

›Water abstraction in all types of terrain
›Different diameter boreholes in all types of terrain
›Water supply boreholes (Artesian Wells)
›Cleaning and repairing water supply boreholes
›Drilling to different diameters
›Drilling for soil improvement
›Geotechnical grilling
›Geothermal drilling (Geothermal Wells)
›Geothermal Energy
›Installation of geothermal probes
›Drilling Licence
›Flow tests
›Hydrogeological surveys
›Piles and Piezometers