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Water Analysis and Treatment

Water Abstraction and Irrigation


Dimensioning, Design and Installation ter Abstraction and Irrigation

From water abstraction to the implementation of irrigation systems for various purposes, such as agriculture, gardens or green spaces.

Irrigation Systems

Novigo provides a 3 step service irrigation system for gardens, green spaces and agriculture: analysis, dimensioning and implementation.
Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation

This is the best tool to ensure an efficient irrigation in all kinds of soils. Ideal for small or industrial crops and green spaces.


The water is distributed through a system of pressurised pipes which spray plants with small water drops similar to natural rainfall.


The main purpose is to lift the water from the abstraction/storage area to the place of use, ensuring the necessary working pressure.
Water Tanks

Water tanks

These are containers for storing water. They are adapted to different needs - underground or surface – and made of polyethylene or galvanized steel.

Other systems

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Water Abstraction | Boreholes

In order to meet agricultural, industrial or domestic needs, Novigo uses the best equipment and materials to drill water boreholes and provide great quality services.
Water Abstraction


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