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Water Analysis and Treatment

Water Treatment

Water for human consumption and recreational use
Novigo specializes in the treatment of drinking water. Our services include strict microbiological analyses that ensure the sanitary condition of water.

1. Analysis

Water for human consumption isn't always in a good condition. The most common problems relate to bacteriological and chemical issues.
Microbiological Water Analysis

Microbiological Analysis

Microbiological analysis of water for human consumption from both surface and underground sources, etc.
Physical-Chemical Water Analysis

Physical-Chemical Analysis

Absolutely pure water does not exist in nature. Water absorbs impurities which reflect the composition of the atmosphere and soil it has been in contact with.
Water Pool Analysis

Swimming Pools

Microbiological analysis of water for human consumption, from surface or underground sources, etc.
Legionella Analysis


Legionella pneumophila is a Gram-negative pleomorphic flagellated bacterium of the genus Legionella.

Areas of expertise

› Drinking water
› Industrial water
› Process water
› Residual water
› Rainwater harvesting

The most common places in which the bacteria can be found are:

› service water networks and sanitary waters (cold and hot);
› areas exposed to condensation and evaporation;
› cooling towers;
› decorative fountains;
› natural waters such as rivers and lakes.

2. Treatment

Novigo specialises in the treatment of water for human consumption. Our services include construction and installation of equipment, as well as periodic controls of water quality.
Water Disinfection

Water disinfection methods using

› Ultraviolet
› Sodium Hypochlorite
› Ozone
› Chlorine Dioxide


Reverse osmosis is very efficient in the treatment of brackish superficial and underground water, for both large or small flow rates.
Water Pools Treatment

Swimming Pools

› Filters
› Pumps
› Equipment
› Chemical products
› Control of disinfection


› Water softeners
› Removal of Iron
› Desalination
› Demineralization
› Neutralization
› Chemical products

​​Types of treatment:

› Water treatment plant for human or industrial consumption
› Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plant
› Water recycling and reuse
› Boilers and Steam Generators
› Cooling towers
› Monitoring systems
› Provision of maintenance services
› Cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks.